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Hi, I’m Jo  –  wife, mum, dog owner, amateur photographer, keen traveller, mediocre cook and retired midwife! As a newbie to the world of blogging, I’m starting off the best way I know how and that’s focusing on a passion of mine, photography.

My love of photography began when I went to live in the States during the early 1980’s. Friends I was staying with encouraged me to buy my first camera – a point and shoot Canon – and I was hooked from the start!

During the 1990’s, I spent 12 months backpacking across the globe with my basic Nikon camera and enough film to keep me going through each country. When money allowed, I would then get as many rolls of film developed as possible and can still remember how excited I used to be on the day I collected the prints! Ideally, I would love to retrace our journey with the addition of a DSLR camera, laptop and Photoshop/light room!

Over recent years, not only has photography provided me with hours of enjoyment, but has been equally cathartic.I may not possess great technical ability but I hope I make up for it in enthusiasm and passion! My blogs will contain mostly photographs for now but I will endeavour to elaborate on the story behind the photo if relevant. I find it so much easier capturing the moment in a photograph rather than writing about it (yep I know, not exactly the best way to start a blog!!). However bear with me, I may add a sentence or two in the coming months!

As a complete blogging novice, any tips will be gratefully received!!

Right, time to focus……..


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